Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I'm having a quarter life crisis.

As my loving husband reminds me any chance he can, I'm old.

Yes, I realize I'm only 26, and in the grand scheme of life I'm still quite young. But despite this truth, I can't help but feel like a good chunk of my life is behind me. My school days are over. I'm through with my "party like a rockstar" phase. I'm settled down, married to a wonderful man, and we have an amazing child. I'm living the dream here, and yet, I still feel as though something is missing. It could be that I spend a majority of my time as an extension of the couch in front of the television (if it's not Disney channel, its anything Kardashian related). Or it could simply be that I'm missing my soldier. I think either way, its time for some action.

I feel as though your school-age days are ill conceived as the only time that you really need to learn anything. Bollox. I love learning new things. I want to learn a new instrument. A new language. A new way to cook eggs. Anything.

So, here's my plan. Every week or so, I'll write a "How-to" sort of instruction on something. It could be anything...a recipe, an art project, a new way to clean something. My hopes in doing this are to teach others a new skill while learning one in the process (a sub goal is to get myself off the freakin couch).

I hope you enjoy!

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