Saturday, March 12, 2011

If a rolling stone gathers no moss, just call me Mick Jagger.

I swear, its impossible for me to stay in one place for longer than a year. Seriously. I've moved around 13 times within the past 8 years. In and out of dorms, back home for summers, back and forth from apartments...and don't even get me started on Tennessee.

Now, you'd think with all the experience I have under my belt moving again wouldn't be a big issue. Um, have you tried moving when the Army is in charge of the timeframe?
...well don't. Because it sucks.

I have been planning this freaking move for what seems like ages. Going over and over in my head what I should pack first, what I should move first, what I should leave here, which dates will work for me and my amazing crew of babysitters...its stressful! Then, just when its all figured out, BLAMMO! The Army says, "No. We are gonna move everything around. Oh, and expect a call when you recover from this first date switch, because we've got another one lined up for you." Thanks, guys.

So now, I've packed up a good quarter of the things I wouldn't need, but since all the dates got pushed back I expect I'll be cutting open a few boxes soon. My sister and I were planning a trip to start the moving process, but I don't want to be paying an extra month's rent if I can just wait a bit longer. Bahhhhh...I hate making decisions.

I just want to fast forward to when Tyler is home, everything is unpacked, its Thursday night and we're watching The Office.

</end rant>

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