Saturday, April 16, 2011

We finally have cable and internets!!

…and not a moment too soon. I was about to go crazy! You can only watch the same episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on DVD so many times, ya know?

Everything here is still a work in progress. Bare walls. Boxes doubling as furniture. Nothing really having a home. It’s getting there, but don’t expect to see any pictures until everything is looking worthy of Good Housekeeping magazine. 
Other than the trivial and aesthetic nonsense, we are all doing great. Dillan and Daddy are absolutely enamored with one another, Oliver is so happy to be the only pet, and me? Well, I’m just enjoying seeing our little family together again. It’s funny…thousands of miles kept us apart for 11 months, but everything seems to be exactly as we left it here in Tennessee. Laughs, good food, video games, relaxing…just add a crazy toddler :)
Today, we are going to Rivers and Spires…a little festival here in Clarksville. I’m hoping that I can see the roller derby demonstration and talk to some of the Red River Sirens about joining the ranks. I need some sort of…something in my life and I’m hoping that this is it!
Anyway, time for the munchkin and I to dive into a plate of waffles. Yum!

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